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 Trauma Recovery Resources

I am the proud co-founder of the Trauma Healing Hub, an online hub for trauma recovery resources and support!

My colleague, Rita Paré, and I joined forces two years ago to create the Trauma Healing Hub. We are both trauma therapists who are incredibly passionate about learning, growth and bringing the best resources and services to the clients and communities that we serve. While we were each making gains in our individual client work, we were recognizing that one therapy session per week was just not enough to support people healing from complex and/or intergenerational trauma. Folks were needing in-the-moment resources to help them navigate trauma symptoms outside of session. Seeking to address this problem, Rita and I came together and the Trauma Healing Hub was conceived.


If you're looking for groups, workshops, community or in-the-moment resources all aimed at fostering trauma recovery, then this is the hub for you! Visit our website here or reach out to us at: .

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