Over the past couple of months I’ve seen a flurry of articles surface about the extensive health benefits associated with being outdoors. From "forest bathing", to walks in the woods, to visiting "urban green spaces", there has been a frenzy of press reporting on somet...

December 15, 2017

Throw your hands in the air if you feel like it is a constant struggle to manage your often-overflowing plate of work-life commitments. From professional deadlines to social gatherings, to the intermittent sprinkling of self-care… folks, the struggle is REAL.

We live in...

I absolutely love to run in the woods. This past spring, on one of my trail running adventures I was marvelling at all of the new growth emerging from the forest floor. From the sprouting vanilla leaf, to the unraveling sword ferns, I was reminded of the significant ro...

Falling hurts. We feel it at all levels of our being. From the scrapes on our knees to the bruise on our ego, to the anxiety that haunts us when we try to attempt the same thing all over again. Plain and simple, falling is painful. But, it's also a part of life. From i...

For most of us, we are our own toughest critics. We often say things to ourselves that we wouldn’t dare say to our worst enemies!

“What’s wrong with you?”
“You could’ve done better!”
“You’re a failure!” 
“If you don’t ______ then you will never _______.”

Sound familiar?...

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A Walk in the Woods in the Era of Consent

April 22, 2019

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