I offer individual psychotherapy, group therapy, ecotherapy workshops and healing retreats.  


Individual Psychotherapy

I offer psychotherapy both online and in-person. My online services are provided using an encrypted video-conferencing platform called Jane App. And, I see clients in-person at my counselling clinic in Houston, BC.

Ecotherapy is one of my other passions, and I am proud to provide nature-based therapy to my clients in Northwestern BC. This means that we would meet at a mutually agreed-upon location and do our therapeutic work outdoors. Given that the weather can be extreme in this part of the world (from blizzards to torrential downpours), nature-based sessions are dependent on safe conditions. Another consideration with outdoor work is the limits to confidentiality. While we are blessed to have many wild spaces in the Northwest, confidentiality of the therapeutic process can not be guaranteed outdoors as we can't control for who we might see in the woods.  

My areas of expertise include: 

  • Trauma and PTSD;

  • Complex Trauma;

  • Intergenerational trauma;

  • Grief and loss;

  • Sexuality and Gender;

  • Identity issues;

  • Chronic stress;

  • Low self esteem;

  • Building meaningful and supportive relationships;

  • Life Transitions;

  • Anxiety;

  • Eco-anxiety and Eco-grief;

  • Depression;

  • Self Exploration and Growth;

  • Adolescents; and

  • Women's issues.

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Ecotherapy Workshops

Humans are social animals. We need connection to survive and thrive. But often when we consider our intimate relationships, we limit the scope to our human counterparts. Whether we make it explicit or not, we are always in relationship with the earth. And when we strengthen this connection, we can deeply heal ourselves, our planet and our communities.


I offer ecotherapy workshops to facilitate the repair and deepening of the human-earth relationship. I have developed and facilitated various groups and workshops for children, youth, adults and families, spanning from weekend retreats to multi-week group interventions. This work is always trauma-informed, experiential, and grounded in ecotherapeutic principles. To find out more, or to request a workshop, please contact me here

Healing Retreats

There is something incredibly powerful about a group of people coming together to focus on growth and healing. I am currently in the process of developing multi-day retreats to support individuals to connect more authentically to themselves, the Earth, their life purpose and Others. Stay tuned for upcoming event announcements.