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Core Values

These values form the foundation of my personal and professional life. They include compassion, authenticity, flexibility, reliability, respect, professionalism and curiosity. This is what they mean to me:


Compassion: I believe that every being is worthy of thoughtful and empathic care. I practice compassion for my clients, myself, and all living beings by expressing kindness, empathy, attentiveness, intentionality, and patience in my work. My compassionate approach supports clients to engage in self-exploration within the safety of the counselling relationship.


Authenticity: We get a lot of messages about the way(s) that we should be. Whether it’s related to body image, the “ideal” profession, the way we dress, or our sexuality, there are a lot of dominant expectations within our social landscapes. Despite these powerful messages, I believe that we all have the right to be our authentic selves.  By living in alignment with who we are, we can share our unique gifts, create meaningful connections with others and truly enrich our communities.  I live by this core value by making intentional decisions in my personal and professional life that align with who I am and my deepest knowing. 


Flexibility: One size does NOT fit all. I tailor my counselling approach to meet the needs of each client where they're at. I really enjoy working with people from all walks of life, and I strive to celebrate the unique gifts that we all bring into the world. 


Reliability: It is important to me that I follow through on what I say I will do. Whether it's returning a phone call, or meeting a deadline, I hold myself accountable to myself and others. I also have a strong tenacity for challenge and problem solving and I won't give up.

Respect: The value of respect is central in my relationships with both people and the natural world. I believe in honouring consent, asking for permission before entering (and foraging) in wild spaces and places, giving thanks, and walking with intention because all living beings are worthy of respect. I believe strongly in acknowledging the unceded, ancestral and traditional territory that I am both working and playing on, and feel incredibly grateful to be a visitor on this land. 


Professionalism: This value is important to me because I strive to be an ethical clinician who has a positive impact on her community. I live this value by integrating empirically validated approaches into my clinical practice, and contributing to my community by sharing my skills in a variety of ways. I am incredibly committed to my own healing because I believe that I can only take my clients as far as I've gone in my own work. I also seek Clinical Supervision and clinical training to continually enhance my skills and offer the best service to my clients.   


Curiosity: I have always had a strong sense of curiosity. From a young age, I was driven to understand how the world worked... This sense of curiosity propelled me to pursue a career as a Clinical Counsellor which presents everyday opportunities to discover, reflect, and learn. This sense of curiosity also fuels my love for adventure. From cycling across Canada, to working as a Wildfire Forest Firefighter, to trail running through the forest, I love to push my physical and mental limits to discover new people, places and experiences. 

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